First and most,, I'd like to thank God for this studio and allowing my dreams to unfold. Second,, I'd like to thank my lovely wife "Gloria" for helping me and hanging in there with me.
  Third,, I'd like to thank all our clients that have supported us and those that desire us to prosper. Without you all this would not be possable.

All Robert's Studio  Tattooists  have been certified to meet DHEC requirements for SC tattooing. Our goal is to supply to the public the best tattoos at a reasonable price. We do portraits, graywash, fineline and custom. Whatever your need may be.

We take walk-ins and appointments. You must be 18 years of age and have a picture ID with proof of age.

Those under 18 cannot get a tattoo legally in SC.
Nobody can sign for you, we won't do it, don't even ask.

 Children are allowed inside but you must mind them or you will be asked to leave.
            If you come to get a tattoo and have children with you and nobody to watch them,
We accept

& cash of course!
Let us know that
you came by.
Sign our

  Robert's Tattoo Studio has 2 artist on staff, Robert Sr., my son Bo. Together we have around 30 years of tattooing experience. We are usually here most all the time, unless one or the other of us are taking a well deserved day off.  We will try our best to create that something special just for you.
  We in SC are monitored thru DHEC so you can rest assured that you receive the very best sterilization available, along with single use needles and a relaxed, comfortable environment. We give you the very best this area has to offer for your tattooing needs. You are more than welcome to come in and check out our facility prior to getting your tattoo.
Robert's Tattoo Studio
601 W. Bobo Newsom Hwy. Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph.# 843-332-1111
Robert Atkinson
Studio Hours: Tues-Thur 11-7, Fri-Sat 11-9. Closed Sunday and appointments only on Mondays.
I like to have a weekend just like anyone else but if its really needed I will try to do you an appointment on Monday.
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Our Shop Minimum Rate:  $40.00
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     Ok, I know that he economy 
has been rough so I've decided to help out and allow tattooing to start out at just 40 bucks.
All 2-3 inch names and any small tattoo that we can manage for that price will work.
     $40.00  TATTOOS  
Email:  tat1957bob@yahoo.com